Solutions About Air Pollution

    By Sutcliffe

    Other than Australian pharmacies, Australian retailers, including vape shops, are prohibited from selling nicotine vaping products. The Australian Government has not clarified what precisely constitutes a three month supply of nicotine vaping products. As of October 1, 2021, customers in Australia are legally required to have a sound prescription from an Australian physician to buy nicotine vaping products, reminiscent of nicotine e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine.

    In 2020, Greg Hunt, the federal health minister on the time, proposed a 12-month federal ban on importing nicotine e-liquid into Australia for personal use. Such files normally cannot be used even underneath the "Fair Use" guidelines, besides in rare cases. Editors who falsely declare such items as their "own work" will be blocked from enhancing. If the file you wish to upload has a free license, please go to Commons and upload it there. I have read the Wikipedia rules on Non-Free Content, and I'm prepared to clarify how using this file will meet the standards set out there.

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