Ukraine's Claims That Belarusian Forces Were Set To Invade The Country On Friday Evening Appear To Have Simmered Down As There Were No Signs That Any Alleged Invasion Took Place Overnight

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The warning came from Fitch Ratings which again downgraded Russia's sovereign debt rating farther into junk territory from 'B' to 'C,' saying the decision reflects the view that a default is 'imminent'.

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The regulator also later said that it wrote a letter to Alphabet Inc., in person tutor Google and YouTube's parent company, seeking the removal of all restrictions imposed on state media outlets such as RBC, TV Zvezda and Sputnik.

The duke and duchess, who revealed their eldest children have been questioning them about the conflict, brought trays of homemade chocolate brownies and granola bars with them from Kensington Palace to give to the members of the Ukrainian community

shares fell as Russia opened a criminal case against the Facebook parent after the social network changed its hate speech rules to allow users to call for "death to the Russian invaders" in the context of the war with Ukraine.

At the end of a volatile week, indexes had opened higher after Russian President Vladimir Putin said there were "certain positive shifts" in talks with Ukraine, without providing any details, but stocks then faded during the session.

Stocks have struggled this year as concerns about the Russia-Ukraine crisis have deepened a sell-off initially fueled by worries over higher bond yields as the Fed is expected to tighten monetary policy this year to fight inflation.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Ukraine had reached a "strategic turning point" in the conflict with Russia, but Russian forces bombarded cities across the country and appeared to be regrouping for a possible assault on the capital Kyiv.

The benchmark S&P 500 fell on Friday as tech and growth shares led a broad decline and investors worried about the conflict in Ukraine while attention turned to the Federal Reserve's policy meeting next week.

Dnipro, Lutsk and Ivan-Frankvisk came under Russian bombardment in the early hours of Friday having largely escaped attack so-far, while efforts to capture the cities of Kharkiv, Sumy and Mariupol resumed.

This comes on the thirteenth day of Russia's invasion, as civilians in the besieged port of Mariupol in southeast Ukraine are anxiously waiting for news of evacuation efforts as they struggle to survive in a city where bodies have been left uncollected on the streets.


North Korea claims Ukraine war 'is proof you need nukes'

Nuclear weapons are the only thing saving North Korea from sharing Ukraine’s fate, party officials believe, in the first sign that even Pyongyang is nervous about Russia’s invasion. One high-check site ranking North Korean official said Ukraine would never have been attacked if it had kept its cache of Soviet nuclear weapons.

'That would definitely resolve all the issues, but how reasonable, how justified it is with your own system, that's frankly for you to decide. We will be happy if all the barriers are dropped for some period of time when we can get maximum (numbers) of people, then

She said families cannot get out of bomb shelters for days at a time due to indiscriminate bombing from Russian invaders, calling attention to Ukraine’s disabled community who have been

The high-powered explosives, which use the atmosphere itself as part of the explosion, are capable of vaporising bodies, crushing internal organs and reducing cities to rubble, ca

She conjured up images of Ukrainian citizens in bunkers. Ukraine's First lady Olena Zelenska condemns Russian mass murder

On International Woman's Day, Zelenska released her thoughts in an open letter posted on the president of Ukraine's website.

In response to further acts of aggression by Russia we have now increased that supply. We will shortly be starting the delivery of small consignments of anti-tank Ja The initial supply was to be 2,000 new light anti-tank weapons, smaller arms and ammunition. I can update the House as of today we will have delivered 3,615 NLAWs (anti-tank missiles) and will continue to deliver more. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs: 'On January 17, I announced to the House the Government's intention to supply military aid to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The group said today that it will continue to pay its workforce of around 1,000 in Russia while o 10:37

Davidoff and JPS cigarettes maker Imperial Brands leaves Russia

Davidoff and JPS cigarettes maker Imperial Brands has joined the exodus from Russia in response to the Ukraine conflict, announcing it has halted production at its factory in Volgograd and stopped all sales and marketing activity in the country.